Air Conditioning and Cooling Services

Stay cool when temperatures rise

Air 1 Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive air conditioning services to care for your home or business’s cooling system. From installing new equipment to provide the maintenance needed to care for it, Air 1 Heating & Cooling has you covered. As an authorized Bryant dealer, we are able to bring you industry-leading air conditioning equipment that includes central air systems and heat pumps.

Air Conditioning and Cooling Services Include:

Air Conditioning Installation:

Air Conditioning Installation: Evaluate efficiency

When choosing a new air conditioner for installation in your home, efficiency is one of the most important factors you should consider. Units with higher efficiency are typically more expensive to purchase, but the cost of operating these air conditioners can be much less because they use energy more efficiently. Opting for a lower efficiency unit due to a lower purchase price can end up being more expensive overall. Efficiency affects initial installation costs and long-term operating costs, so utilize efficiency ratings to help you determine which air conditioner will be the best investment in the long run.

Air Conditioning Installation: Reliable installation services

Choosing a reliable installer is just as important as choosing quality equipment. If your new air conditioning system isn’t installed correctly, it won’t operate at its expected efficiency level, costing you more money. Faulty installation can also place more stress on the system, leading to frequent repair needs and early system failure.

Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repair:

Air Conditioner Maintenance: It’s a must

Air conditioner maintenance can be easily overlooked, but it should be a priority for every homeowner. In fact, equipment manufacturers recommend maintenance yearly in order to keep air conditioners running smoothly and efficiently. The best time to schedule air conditioner maintenance is in the spring, before you need to use your cooling system; this way, your system is tuned up and prepared for summer, and you can address any equipment issues in advance instead of suffering without cooling when temperatures rise.

Air Conditioning Repair: Signs breakdowns are looming

When it comes to air conditioning repair, being proactive about spotting trouble signs can save you from discomfort. These issues are signs you’re likely due for air conditioning repair, so if you notice them, call us sooner than later.
Things to look for, then call Air 1 Heating and Cooling :

Authorized Dealers

We sell repair and maintain equipment manufactured by leading brands, including the following:

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning :

Your air conditioner’s coils are essential to the cooling process. The coils make heat exchange possible by using their surface area. When the coils are caked with dirt and debris, the amount of surface area available for heat exchange is reduced. Dirty coils make your air conditioning system work harder to provide the cooling you need to keep your home comfortable.

Air conditioning coil cleaning offers many benefits to homeowners, including the following:

Air Conditioner Replacement:

Air Conditioner Replacement: Factors to consider

When choosing a new air conditioner replacement, there are many factors you need to evaluate to make sure you’re getting the right fit for your family and home.
If you need help evaluating equipment options, the technicians at Air 1 Heating & Cooling can answer all your questions.

Thermostats: WiFi & Standard

Your thermostat holds the key to your home comfort, giving you control over your heating and cooling system settings. Air 1 Heating & Cooling offers a wide selection of thermostat models that offer enhanced convenience and complete control. WiFi thermostats are popular and we are happy to guide you and install the perfect WiFi thermostat for you home or business.

Thermostats: Which is right for you?

With various styles to choose from, how do you decide which thermostat is right for you? Our technicians will let you know which thermostats are compatible with your home’s heating and cooling systems, as well as help you find the right fit for your family. WiFi thermostats are popular and we offer several options. WiFi and programmable thermostats allow you to program your heating and cooling settings around your schedule, with options available to account for differing schedules. Smart thermostats give you even more capabilities, including wireless energy monitoring via the Internet and learning capabilities, so you’re always using the best energy-saving settings.