HVAC Professional or DIY: When Can I Install It Myself?

Thanks to the internet, house maintenance is much easier now. One google and you would encounter x different ways of replacing a faucet, building a home shed, or cleaning your roof. You get additional life skills while also reducing your house expenses. These are the positive things to doing things yourself. However, there are instances wherein a DIY process could bring you more harm than good. When would you know if hiring a professional is a more beneficial option?

This article will answer that question in the context of an HVAC system.

What Is an HVAC System?

An HVAC system is composed of different smaller systems. There is one for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is the system responsible for the cooling and heating in any home and is composed of many products, such as air conditioners, furnaces, thermostats, heat pumps, and more.  

From this definition alone, you might realize it is one of the most important things in the house. Even if you plan to have just a little unit, many things can affect an HVAC setup. 

Do You Need a Professional for Installing Your HVAC?

To answer this question, let us enumerate some facts you should know about setting up an HVAC system.

  • Setting up an HVAC system requires permits and compliance with work codes to ensure that the workmanship adheres to government standards with minimal risk of technical problems. Doing it on your own could mean working on a critical part of your house without following the law. 
  • Professional installers understand the codes and why they are important. Besides knowing the work codes surrounding the HVAC system, they also know how to acquire work permits to install your system legally. 

Unless you know or have a background in the field, you need to hire a professional installer.

4 Reasons for Hiring a Professional HVAC Installer

Indeed, you can save money by doing things around the house on your own. However, here are the advantages you might miss should you stick with DIY:

You Save More by Hiring a Professional

If the professional fee scares you, wait until you see the total amount you need to spend to find the right tools and equipment for your HVAC installation. 

Remember that you are dealing with different kinds of machines in an HVAC system, and each has its distinct needs. So it would help if you have the right tools to make your vision happen. Furthermore, incorrect installation could also lead to repairs and replacement far too soon into the machine’s life—an unnecessary expense. 

You Get Warranty Coverage

One of the perks you do not want to miss is the warranty. The warranty is your protection from sudden malfunctions of the item or service. Even if you pay much for your system and the installation, the warranty could ensure that you enjoy the benefits for a long time. 

Some HVAC Components Are Only Sold to Licensed Contractors

Unfortunately, no matter how well you equip yourself with knowledge and skills, you can’t bring them to life if you do not have the proper materials. In most cases, only licensed HVAC professionals could buy supplies, like the refrigerants needed for your HVAC system.

Guarantees Safety

You know that you and your house are safer from danger if you work with a professional installer—partly because of adherence to local codes and mostly because they understand the best practices in the industry. 


Weigh your consequences and see which one looks beneficial for you. A professional installer would be helpful if you want a safe and secure installation that could last for years. You know your HVAC system would be protected, and you have trusted installers you can contact when needed. 

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