Our Guide to Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Winter

Finally, winter is coming! There’s nothing like sipping a hot cup of chocolate near the fireplace or bonding with family and friends while enjoying the warmth of your heater. Unfortunately, a broken HVAC system could ruin your winter dreams and prevent you from having the best fun this season!

As with your other home appliances, the HVAC system requires care and maintenance to work correctly for a long time. If you don’t want to be greeted by a heating system issue at the beginning of winter, follow these tips below:

Call for Maintenance During Shoulder Season

Although it’s crucial to know how to care for your HVAC system yourself, you should also regularly get it looked at by a professional. Sure, you could try to inspect your HVAC system and spot problems, but nothing beats a trained eye!

If you want to have a lovely, warm home in time for winter, we suggest letting a professional do the dirty work. When it comes to maintaining your HVAC system, the shoulder seasons are the best time to do it, as you don’t need them as often during these times.

By scheduling regular maintenance appointments, you’ll be able to discover problems early on and deal with heating and air repair as soon as possible.

Turn On the Furnace at Least Thrice Before Winter Arrives

The last thing you need during the beginning of winter is to find out that you have to call for heating and air repair! There’s nothing more excruciating than enduring the seemingly long, cold wait for the HVAC professionals to arrive and solve your heating problem.

The best thing you can do to avoid encountering heating problems during winter is to turn on your furnace at least three times before the colder season arrives. Rather than turning the furnace on because you need it, this allows you to check if your unit works properly and can provide heat throughout the whole winter.

Create Climate Zones

Since heat rises and cold air flows downward, you may find that the upstairs area of your home feels much warmer in the winter than downstairs. If you like to lounge around the ground level of your home, then the hot-upstairs-cold-downstairs situation may be uncomfortable and problematic for you during the colder months!

The good news is that you can deal with the temperature difference by creating climate zones. Closing a few vents on the second floor is an old-school but reliable way of forcing your heating system to direct more air on the ground floor.

For a more modern solution, you can ask a heating and air conditioning professional to install a climate zone system and wireless sensors. This technology does the same as the DIY method, except the smart system uses your home’s unique temperate patterns to control heating and cooling.


Winter can’t be any fun without a working HVAC system! Although it’s fun to play with snow from time to time, it’s not enjoyable to bear with the freezing temperature within the confines of your home. As long as you follow our maintenance tips and reach out to a heating and air repair professional as soon as possible, you’re sure to have a comfortable, warm winter!

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