Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning System Could Be Leaking

When homeowners spot a water leak in their house, they should take the matter seriously and solve the situation immediately to avoid problems from getting worse. You must figure out the cause of the leak, whether it’s from your plumbing system, appliances, or air conditioning unit.

Failing to determine the source of the leak could end up affecting the other areas of your property and lead to more damage than you think. If you believe the leak is coming from your AC unit, you may require air conditioning services ASAP to fix your cooling system.

Calling a professional for assistance helps control the water leak and keeps you from facing unnecessary costs. Before they arrive to assess the matter, you should shut down your AC unit and clean up the water leak to prevent your property from facing more damage. Keep reading below to find out how to tell your AC system is leaking.

Something’s Wrong with Your Drain Line

One of the typical reasons your cooling system has a leak could be due to its condensate drain line, which often undergoes issues. Whenever dirt and various debris build up in the line, it could lead to a leak.

Other than that, if you made the mistake of hiring cheap HVAC services because you’re more concerned about the expenses than the quality of service they offer, you put yourself at risk. If they didn’t do a good job securing the condensate line, whenever you turn on your AC and it vibrates, the lines could become loose and cause water to leak on your property.

The best thing you can do is avoid unreliable installers and stick to asking help from professionals, especially during installation, repairs, and maintenance. Depending on specialists with the right skills and experience can greatly prevent water leaks from happening in the future.

The Drain Pan and Condensate Pump Have Issues

For homes with inner air conditioner units or air handlers installed in their basement, your drain line could release condensate directly to a drain pan and be emptied by a condensate pump. But if the unit is in your attic or crawl space, you most likely deal with a gravity drain line that brings the condensate out of your home.

Homeowners facing the previous situation can undergo a water leak issue if they’ve been using their AC system for a while and its drain has corroded and formed cracks and holes. After a bit of use, the condensate pump can become worn out and result in water overflowing from the pan.

All you need to do is purchase a new drain pan and throw out your old rusted one. But if you can’t do that on your own and address other needed parts as well, you should call for home AC repair services to lend you a hand and replace your condensate pump for you.

Evaporator Coils are Frozen and Water Leaks Occur

On the rare times that you witness frost or ice building up over the evaporator coils of your AC system, you must fix the situation ASAP and call for help, or else it will cause bigger dilemmas. If your cooling system continues running like that, its compressor could break down, which will require a replacement.

But if you notice a leak coming from your air conditioning unit before it leads to a fried compressor, you can still save it by turning off the system right away. Often, frozen coils occur because of a refrigerant leak or a reduced airflow due to a clogged air filter.


 Whether you’re experiencing trouble with your AC system’s drain line, drain pan, condensate pump, or evaporator coils, the best thing to solve your situation is to contact a professional. If you want to minimize the damage your air conditioner can face, you should avoid dealing with the problem independently and work with an expert electrician instead. 

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